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Visayas Region

Kids & Cultural Tent

Piyesta Pinoy will offer many fun and festive activities/workshops for both kids and adults! All activities/workshops will be sponsored by mostly not-for-profit organizations and will be held at and around the Cultural tent in the Visayas region. There will also be several booths displaying Filipino artifacts and books for those wanting to learn about our culture. See the list of activities below.

Photo Booth and Props
All Day

Take photos with our festive green screen photo booth and photoboards.


2:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Pabitin is a popular game usually played in birthday parties and town fiestas. It involves a lattice of bamboo sticks (called a balag) suspended in the air with string. The lattice is strung with plastic bags filled with small toys, snacks, sweets or coins. It is suspended in a way that it can be lowered and raised quickly. Children are to gather under the lattice as it is lowered to reach the party favors.

Sponsored by: Chicago Christian Suburban Church



Relays & Games
Ongoing until 6:00pm

Participate in the Potato Sack Race, learn to play gangsa, among other fun and festive relays and games.

Cultural Tent Activities
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