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We are happy to announce that the biggest Filipino American event in the Chicago area will be back this year - the Piyesta Pinoy in Bolingbrook will be outdoors during summer time. The event will be coordinated by the Philippine American Cultural Foundation in partnership with the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago and the Village of Bolingbrook.

Save the Date – Saturday, June 9, 2018 for the 5th Philippine Fest Celebration (Piyesta Pinoy sa Bolingbrook) at the beautiful Bolingbrook Performing Arts Center in Bolingbrook.

Previous Year's Piyesta Pinoy:

Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-647
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-361
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-479
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-992
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-995
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-986
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-775
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-841
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-975
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-803
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-724
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-760
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-673
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-656
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-358
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-350
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-245
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-163
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-162
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-181
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-200
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-156
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-150
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-142
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-141
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-132
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-139
Piyesta Pinoy Xian-Kim-137

Press Release / Testimonials

From One Philippines July 16, 2016 edition

From MegaScene July 1, 2016 edition 


From the Philippine Consulate in Chicago -

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From Facebook

Genebelle Orendez-Diaz

What a wonderful celebration! Hoping next year there will be more Food vendors! The concert with Sam Milby and Geneva Cruz was great...would've been better if the rain didn't come. But nevertheless, we had fun! What a great way to celebrate pre-Father's Day for our family. Looking forward to next year, will bring more friends and family! Kudos to the organizers!!!

June 20, 2015 


Virginia Mejia Carino

Excellent special events,such as this, I wish they will have it every year , so young generation will not lost their culture, like the saying , pinoy ako sabihin mo, that's cool, I have two sons born in chicago are now married with different culture, don't speak Tagalog, so to have events like this and for them going to attend , that remind them that's their roots still active and alive, and especially doing it in Bolinbrook is the best , I call this place multiicultural place, the mayor in town embraced us a big welcome , I said it because I witnessed. Him during last year events,so I score this events 5 star.

May 30, 2015 

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